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Fandom Meta: The Young Protectors

So Chapter 2 of The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy ended on Wednesday. It was gut-wrenching, but I handled it like the reasonable adult I am.

(“What the fuck? What the fuck are you shitting me right now,” I demanded of my laptop, sloshing my third-ish customary Update Beer on my keyboard a little.  The foam spat sadly at me, and I got emotional. But, you know, in a mature way.)

For those who aren’t aware, The Young Protectors is a superhero-themed webcomic written by Alex Woolfson, the creator of Artifice, and stars Kyle, a pyrokinetic teenager who’s eager to rescue others but neglects to protect himself.  Not only is he a fledgling hero in a dangerous world, he’s also gay, and keeps it under wraps for fear of drawing negative attention to his team and losing his status as a role model.  The comic begins with Kyle working up the nerve to quickly duck in and out of a gay bar, but just as he’s about to celebrate taking this big step, he’s confronted by The Annihilator, the most feared and dangerous supervillain in the world.  Kyle quickly finds himself swept into a conflict more confusing and perilous than he could have anticipated, and as of the end of the Chapter 2, the entire world is at stake.

And now I’m going to write about it at excruciating length.

[Fair warning: there will be substantial spoilers after the cut.]

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I finished 999 the other day, and now that I’ve had some time to process I was going to make this huge post about my reaction to the story and characters, but as I was doing that I realized that I mostly want to talk about Ace so I’m just going to go ahead and do that

[massive tl;dr and spoilers under the cut]

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